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Van Rental in Coventry. Is rental of Lutons, Mercedes Sprinters or other vehicles with or without tail lifts the best option?

A professional transport solution could save you money & headaches – compared to Self-Drive Van Hire or a Man & Van Service.



When faced with the need to transport large, bulky & heavy items many businesses or members of the public rush to find a local self-drive vehicle rental company to move their items. But is van rental really the best way to go?


Here at DEFENDA Couriers we are increasingly being approached to carry goods by organisations & individuals who previously relied on hiring vans on a self-drive basis for non-standard deliveries; but have subsequently realised that there are many advantages to outsourcing the work completely to a transport & light haulage company. Often the price of short term hire of Luton tail lifts vans or even standard long wheel base sprinters is far higher than employing a company with a standing fleet such as us, to carry the goods to their destination. It also means that you or a member of your staff is not tied up for the day as a makeshift driver and can get on with other important day to day duties.


As a Coventry based nationwide transport & courier company, Defenda Couriers regularly have vehicles travelling from Coventry to most other parts of the UK and it may even be possible to carry a customer’s items as a part load to these destinations at a substantial discount.


To find out if Van Rental is really the right option for you or if a professional transport solution provides a better option, simply call us on Coventry 02476 466000 to discuss your requirements. One of our team will be happy to advise on the best way to ship your goods.


A simple phone call & we can normally have a vehicle on site within 30 minutes for customers in Coventry, Leamington, Kenilworth, Nuneaton, Rugby or Warwick and many other areas nearby.

Choosing the right shipping for artwork & valuable furniture

Shipping valuable & fragile artwork including: ceramics, framed paintings or other pictures?

When it comes to transporting works of art commercially or simply as gifts to family or friends, choosing the right carrier can be a daunting task for the seller or sender, as often the cheapest method is inherently the most risky.

Valuable works of art often benefit from dedicated vehicle delivery.

Valuable works of art often benefit from dedicated vehicle delivery.


Hub & spoke parcel networks such as those operated by all the main UK parcel carriers including: Parcel Force, TNT, FedEx, DHL, DPD, UPS, Yodel & Hermes offer low cost delivery – but to achieve it, short cuts are taken with the handling of their customers packages. Excessive manual handling of your item on and off numerous vehicles, combined with conveyor based sortation dramatically increases the risk of breaking goods in-transit; which is why ceramic & glass items are excluded from their standard or even their enhanced insurance schemes.


Whilst investing in good quality packaging can dramatically reduce damages (see DEFENDAPACK for a range of framed picture boxes & other protective packaging) it will be unlikely to eliminate them altogether. Therefore, when it comes to valuable works of art like paintings, porcelain or some antique furniture – a dedicated vehicle offers by far the safest method of transporting your goods to the intended recipient. This method removes much of the manual handling of your consignment & completely negates the need for any form of automated processing; your package being only loaded at the pick-up point and off-loaded at its destination. Obviously some priceless works like ‘Mona Lisa’ might need protecting by a battalion of elite troops during transit but I guess she doesn’t get about much these days, so her and her ilk are unlikely to be an issue to most shippers I suspect.


Our UK Groupage Service operates in much the same way but instead of having a vehicle of its own, your shipment will be accompanied by at least one other item. It can however help reduce your delivery costs significantly, so has a valuable role in helping you achieve a cost effective delivery to your clients.


Choosing the right shipping for artwork & valuable furniture

For information on our shipping for artwork, porcelain & valuable furniture or other light haulage & dedicated vehicle delivery services call us on Coventry 02476 466000 or email


Packaging your parcel or courier shipments

Protecting Your Goods In Transit

Whenever you send an item out through a parcel network or courier service you will be faced with the task of ensuring it is sufficiently packaged to protect it during transit. The level of protection required will largely depend on the type of goods you are shipping & of course the way that your chosen carrier is likely to handle your shipment. Here at DEFENDA COURIERS our drivers are extremely careful with the items they handle & we only use trusted conscientious 3rd Party Networks for parcels & pallets but you will still need to provide some degree of protective packaging.


Our connected packaging supplies company, COVENTRY based DEFENDAPACK may well be able to help with your packaging needs at highly competitive rates on all in-transit packaging goods wherever you are based in the UK.


Airlite Bubble Wrap

Airlite Bubble Wrap

AirLite or Air Lite Bubble Wrap in large bubble or small bubble variants is a staple of any packaging dept.

AirLite White Bubble Lined Envelopes / Mailers

AirLite White Bubble Lined Envelopes / Mailers

For smaller items a range of Bubble Mailers such as their AirLite White or Gold will provide more than adequate protection. (AirLite White Bubble Mailers are produced in sizes that correspond nearly exactly to Jiffy sizes).

AirLite Gold Bubble Envelopes / Mailers

Mail Lite Gold sized bubble mailers available from Defendapack as AirLite or Air Lite Gold



Pallet strapping reels & edge boards or edge protectors can be obtained quickly & cheaply.

DPD & Interlink maximum volumetric size boxes are a stock item as is the Parcel Force version.

DPD & Interlink maximum volumetric size boxes are a stock item as is the Parcel Force version.

And of course corrugated boxes in a range of sizes can be supplied from stock or bespoke / custom made boxes can be produced for your own range of products.

Express Christmas Delivery Service for Small or Bulky Parcels & Packages

Many Parcel Networks are creaking under the strain of delivering normal size parcels as we approach Christmas, the problem is even more acute for those delivering larger items such as flat packed furniture, ready assembled furniture or other bulky goods including many Christmas Presents as hostility toward non-conveyable traffic grows.


Defenda Couriers

The demise of City Link on Christmas Day last year, a carrier that was responsible for transporting a significant amount of what in the industry is called ‘ugly freight’, has left many retailers attempting to slip their larger items out with their normal carrier during the 2015 trading year. The problem is, Parcel Carriers are becoming increasingly hostile to larger goods that require manual handling & are not suitable for the conveyor systems that are increasingly being used by them to automate sorting of parcels for cost savings. More & more Parcel Companies including: Parcel Force, DPD & UKMail have commenced the process of removing ex City Link customers or at least their undesirable larger parcel traffic from their Networks, leaving many online retailers facing huge increases in price for their bulky packages, a refusal to accept their larger shipments, or in some cases having their accounts closed altogether with as little as 14 days notice.


Whilst the drive to attract ‘Pretty Parcels’ looks set to continue amongst traditional parcel companies – specialist light haulage companies like DEFENDA Couriers who offer a more complete service seem set to flourish in the rapidly changing parcel delivery environment.



Here at Defenda Couriers we can offer huge discounts on ‘Pretty Parcels’ but also provide reduced costs or improved delivery of larger goods to much of the UK. Whether a dedicated vehicle for a same day delivery or a lower cost ‘Groupage’ service in one of our vehicles is required, there has never been a better time to call to discuss how we can help with your ‘Express Christmas Delivery Service For Small Or Bulky Parcels & Packages’ or a workable year round transport service for that matter.



Express Same Day Courier (Pallets, Bulky Loose Loads or even Urgent Documents)


Pallets Next Day or Economy (in our own vehicles as groupage or a dedicated vehicle or by insertion into a Pallet Network on a next day or two to three day economy service)


Overnight Parcels Network (Pretty Parcels or even discounted Ugly Freight through one of our Partner’s Networks)


Motorcycle Courier Service is available but is limited to small items that can be held in a rucksack, side bags etc. Weather conditions such as snow or ice on route will obviously play a huge part in determining if a job is suitable for our Coventry Motorcycle Couriers or if the items should be conveyed in one of our micro vans for safety.


For information on our UK Motorbike Couriers or Van Courier or Light Haulage Services call us on Coventry 02476 466000 or email:





Here at DEFENDA COURIERS we provide a UK ‪Same Day‬ ‪Express Courier‬ Service for documents and many other time sensitive deliveries to all mainland addresses.

All of our vehicles are GPS TRACKED for Real-Time progress reports. We also capture an ELECTRONIC SIGNED PROOF OF DELIVERY for every delivery which is automatically emailed to our customers upon completion of the work. You will therefore have proof of delivery within just a few seconds of your item being delivered. Perfect for Solicitors‬, ‪Planners, Architects, House Builders‬ or other professions needing FAST PROVABLE DELIVERY of items.

If you have urgent documents to be delivered on a ‪SAME DAY DELIVERY‬ basis call 02476 466000 for ‪Document Delivery,‬ EXPRESS DOCUMENT DELIVERY, from‪Coventry‬, ‪Rugby,‬ Leamington‬, ‪Warwick,‬ Nuneaton‬ and all other areas of the UK.

Sameday Courier in Coventry takes on additional vehicles to cope with increased demand

With more contracts being taken on at an average rate of 6 per week and ad hoc work at unprecedented levels a Sameday Courier in Coventry, DEFENDA COURIERS have introduced a range of new vehicles to cope with the wide range of work it is being asked to undertake.

Defenda Couriers

Whilst it is comparatively easy to take on vehicles for regular contract customers, who are able to indicate the type of goods to be transported, ad hoc enquiries can result in the need for a more diverse range of vans. We have therefore added another six vehicles ranging from Micro Vans for smaller deliveries through to Low Loaders capable of carrying 8 pallets (so long as weight limits allow). With one of the largest fleets amongst independent couriers and offering electronic proof of delivery along with fully tracked vehicles we should be your first choice for the delivery of your goods across the UK.

UK Mail Group Closing Pallet Business Sees Defenda Transport Picking Up New Clients

UK Mail Group’s decision to close its pallet business may leave many customers looking around for an alternative. Here at Defenda Transport & Logistics Ltd we are already taking on customers as a result of this decision.


We can provide a range of pallet delivery services to suit the needs of each individual customer. Whether you want a same day, dedicated vehicle delivery service for that time critical product or a standard next day or economy service through our pallet network, we are more than happy to talk to you about ensuring an easy transition from your current provider – even if that’s not UK Pallets.

City Link Failure Brings Surge In New Business For Another Coventry Courier

Defenda Couriers sees a surge in demand for its UK and International Parcel Delivery Service in the wake of the collapse of City Link, another Coventry based parcel company.


April Donnelly, ‘New Business Director’ at Defenda Couriers said: “We of course have very mixed feelings about the whole situation with regards to City Link. Whilst it is always nice to pick up extra parcel traffic, nobody wants it to be on the back of another company’s failure. Behind all the headlines there are thousands of lives around the country that will be adversely impacted by this failure. The decision to wind the company up will devastate many families but to do so on Christmas Day seems to have added insult to injury judging by comments we are hearing from ex-employees, owner drivers and previous City Link customers that we are speaking to.

As a company, Defenda Couriers had an unusual relationship with City Link – providing both drivers and vehicles to cover some of their routes and at the same time in direct competition with them for parcel customers here in Coventry and indeed throughout the rest of the UK”, She continued.

“Like many suppliers to them, we will be unlikely to receive payment for the services we provided. Unlike many however, as a larger company it will have a negligible impact on us. Sadly though, I understand it has already pushed some smaller businesses and owner drivers over the edge themselves”.

Express Courier Service In Coventry For Last Minute Christmas Deliveries

Micro Vans for fast Economical Last Minute Pre-Chiristmas Deliveries

Micro Vans For Fast Economical Last Minute Pre-Chiristmas Deliveries

With Christmas fast approaching and the ‘Last Send By Dates’ for many of the national parcel carriers having passed, our Same Day or Next Day Express Courier Service means you can still get those urgent items delivered before Christmas. Even if your Christmas deliveries are all under control our express delivery services may be useful at any other time of year.


Defenda Couriers have a huge range of vehicles to suit the type of items you are sending. For small items, our Micro Vans will allow fuel efficient and economical delivery of your goods avoiding the need to use one of our extra Long Wheelbase Vehicles, which are also available for those larger bulkier things.


So, if you are desperate to ensure that pre-Christmas delivery to any mainland UK address and need Express Couriers in Coventry call us on Coventry 024 76 466000

Self Storage May Not Always Quite Deliver


Coventry self storage companies may well be the answer for customers seeking simply storage, but if you are looking for somebody to help with your storage and also the distribution of your products to customers both in the UK or to almost any other international destination then Defenda Transport & Logistics will almost certainly be a better choice.


Whilst Self Storage may offer the convenience of 24 hour access to your items – for those companies or individuals that are happy to work to our normal opening times and are really looking more for a partner that can help not only with storage but also with a host of other requirements such as ‘Picking & Packing’ and also the movement of your goods and products to customers throughout the UK then we will have an option to suit.


Whether you need things delivered on pallets, as parcels or loose loads in one of our many vehicles Defenda Couriers offer professional, reliable and extremely cost effective transport for numerous Coventry Companies from our Distribution Warehouse in the South West of the City.



In addition to pallet and warehouse storage – expert advice and the supply of any packaging your items require is available from the co-located Defendapack, who can supply either off-the-shelf or bespoke and custom made boxes, postal tubes or many other protective packaging items.


Our popular student luggage service which allows students to move items up to 30kg in weight between their homes and their digs for as little as £6.95 + Vat (£8.34 inc Vat) is an extremely efficient way of handling the start and end of term problem that can often involve the need to recruit parents. This is further enhanced with a student storage service, again at our Coventry warehouse.


Call a member of our team on Coventry 024 76 466000 for details on warehouse storage and fulfilment in Coventry.


If you are simply looking for information about our light transport, haulage, same day or next day courier services please visit the relevant page of this site or call us Mon-Fri from 8.30am to 5.30pm