Urgent Timed Courier Delivery Service — Fast Delivery Of Your Urgent Documents, Parcels & Pallets Worldwide

If you need a courier urgently

Call our emergency helpline on 02476 466000

Our urgent timed courier delivery service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

We will arrange a super fast collection & delivery of your item: whether it’s a letter, a parcel, a single pallet or a full artic load.

Urgent Delivery in Progress

Fastest Urgent Parcel Delivery Service

Defenda Couriers have been providing urgent time-critical courier deliveries for more than 25 years.

We are trusted by countless businesses in the UK, Europe & Globally to deliver on their delivery promises and with over 4000 vehicles in the UK alone — any important packages are in very safe hands with our respected urgent timed courier delivery service.

If you need to arrange an urgent timed courier delivery in the UK or have one for anywhere in the world, get in touch today.

Express or Urgent Parcel Delivery?

We fully understand that the idea of ‘urgent’ parcel delivery may be completely different for each client and whilst one client may require an On Board Courier Service with one of our experienced personal couriers to hand-carry their package to its destination on scheduled or chartered aircraft: others will be happy for example with an express next day delivery to New York or a two day delivery to Australia.

Secure Time Critical International Delivery With Our Urgent Timed Courier Delivery Service

Remember if your international package is absolutely time-critical and does require the Defenda On Board Courier Service, our on board courier team & route planners can call on a network of over 15,000 highly experienced personal couriers worldwide to hand-carry your item.

We can also organise the charter of fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters or boats for difficult to reach destinations when required.

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Delivery of Urgent Medical Supplies

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