Strong Wooden Packaging For Shipping Your Heavy Goods

We manufacture strong bespoke wooden packaging to protect all types of goods during transportation including lathes & other machine tools. Our service allows clients to have a custom made crate or case purpose built for their particular item rather than rely on finding something close to the actual size needed.

All of our solid timber cases, crates & pallets are built in our Coventry workshop and shipped to clients around the UK. They are produced using heat treated ISPM15 certified wood and therefore suitable packing for things you’re exporting to France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, USA, Canada, Australia & anywhere else with import restrictions on wooden packaging.

We can build them to suit the size & weight of the goods being packed & regularly produce crates & cases for lathes & other heavy machine tools being transported around the UK or exported to an international buyer.

Since Brexit, timber packaging products must be fumigated or heat treated & wheat stamped for exporting to all EU member states in accordance with IPPC rules.

Whatever you are planning to ship why not call us first for some expert advice on the best packaging & shipping solution for your specific goods.