Cheap Christmas Present Delivery

Christmas Parcel Delivery

Whether the parcels you’re sending are Christmas Presents to family & friends in the UK or abroad, or packages being posted as part of your business, nobody wants to spend more on postage than they have to.

At DEFENDA COURIERS we ensure that you pay the lowest possible prices regardless of if you are sending things to someone in the UK or almost anywhere else in the world.

With UK quantity discounts starting at just £5.64 including the Vat, even a single reasonable size parcel will cost you no more than £8.34 inc vat, if you’re sending to a standard UK mainland postcode outside the Scottish Highlands.

Even our weight allowances are generous and you won’t be penalised for an overweight parcel if your item weighs less than 30kg. This weight allowance along with the large permitted sizes means you don’t need to cut down your budget for present spending to cover the cost of sending.