Wooden Shipping Crates & Packing Cases

Custom Made Strong Wooden Shipping Crates & Wooden Packing Cases. Our Solid Build Export Cases or Crates are ISPM 15 Certified.

Wooden Shipping Crates, Cases, Pallets & Containers Made to Order
Collapsible Clip Lock Wooden Shipping Case

Solid or Collapsible Export Wooden Shipping Crates & Packing Cases

Single Use (One Way) or Multi Use Collapsible Wooden Crates & Packing Case Options

If you are looking to enhance the protection of your goods for international or even domestic transport & distribution, DEFENDA can help produce strong custom made wooden shipping cases / crates, packing boxes and containers to ensure the maximum protection of your goods during transit. Our solid build cases are perfect for protecting works of art including paintings, sculpture & numerous other items.

Wooden Export Packaging

Timber Crates / Timber Containers For Greater Protection Of Goods

Whilst lots of goods are fine on standard open pallets, we understand that many items would benefit from the added protection of a specifically produced plywood or wooden export container / crate. We work with many clients in numerous industry sectors to provide highly protective packaging solutions including various heat treated wooden crates which are ISPM15 certified, along with speedy transport services.

Plywood / Wooden Crates & Cases — Personal Effects

We can even help general members of the public wishing to protect their personal items for international or domestic U.K. shipping with our bespoke timber large screen TV crates and cases. Other bespoke wooden packaging can be produced to protect your important items.

Heat Treated Wooden Pallets and Shipping Cases

Wooden Shipping Cases For Almost Any Item

In addition to standard or custom made shipping cases or crates for industrial use, we also produce custom crates for art work exports including paintings, sculpture etc. Other things such as: musical instruments, antique furniture, bulk automotive components, motorcycle containers can also be produced. We even make protective crates & cases for complete cars, chassis and other new or collectible vehicles for both U.K. distribution or export.

For a tailor made Defenda Shipping Case get in touch to discuss the products you need to protect and we will be happy to quote on suitable cases. Crates are supplied with pallet bases for easy handling with pallet trucks or fork lift trucks.

Defenda Wooden Shipping Crates are IPPC ISPM15 certified when produced for export of a client’s products — often referred to as wheat stamped or corn stamped.

Save on Space & Packaging Costs with Flat Packed Reusable Wooden Packing Crates & Containers.

Collapsible options are extremely convenient as a fixing clasp system means that the crates can be easily stored using less space prior to goods being packed. Once your delivery has arrived with your customer items can quickly be removed by your client and the case disassembled and brought back on the same delivery vehicle — if practical to do so.

Alternatively the shipping crate can be collected on a subsequent visit if the delivery is to a regular client. Whatever you need to ship — shipping cases can be produced to suit your particular goods.


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