Coventry Next Day Parcel Delivery

Our Coventry next day parcel delivery services allow extremely economical shipping of parcels to all parts of the United Kingdom, including: the Scottish Highlands & Islands for our Coventry customers.

Make Huge Savings On UK & International Parcel Delivery

Whether you are sending small parcels from Coventry or very large parcels, we can probably help you save a considerable amount of money on postage.

Defenda Couriers work with the country’s leading overnight parcel carriers to provide a reliable Coventry next day parcel delivery service that can be depended on for those urgent parcels you need to send.

Whilst many online parcel delivery brokers shy away from larger parcels or charge exorbitant prices for oversize or long parcels we can often offer Coventry parcel shippers highly competitive prices on parcels measuring up to 200 cm (or 2 metres long).

If you are a business or a member of the public sending parcels from Coventry it makes perfect sense to contact us for a quote & you may find you can make substantial savings on your current parcel spend.

With over 25 years experience of sending express parcels on behalf of our Coventry clients you can depend on us to ensure you get great prices & a fantastic parcel shipping service. Simply call us on Coventry 02476 466000