Planning on Flying with Your Shotgun or Shotguns to Scotland?

We can help take the stress & form filling out of transporting your shotguns to Scotland by plane with our shotgun courier service.

We will transport them securely by road & deliver your shotguns to the location you require & collect a signature from the authorised recipient.

This will leave you & other members of the shooting party free to fly to Scotland (or other areas of the U.K.) hassle free and saving you time, whilst we deliver your guns and even your luggage in one of our vehicles ready for your shoot day.

Scotland Shotgun Delivery
Hassle Free Transport of Shotguns to Scottish Highlands
Shooting trips to Scotland without the surprises

Transporting Shotguns to Scotland by Plane

Whilst many flight operators will allow the carrying of shotguns & firearms on their aircraft, there are understandably strict rules about doing so.

In addition to national & international legislation, individual airlines & airports will in all likelihood have their own set of rules which must be strictly adhered to in order to avoid disruption to your plans. Even relatively small errors in filling out the necessary paperwork to fly with guns can lead to a last minute refusal to board the aircraft.

We are here to help you avoid making mistakes with flying your guns by carrying them securely to their destination by road. Check out this useful article in The Field for more information about taking your shotguns on aeroplanes.

Shooting Trips to Scotland Without the Hassle of Flying Your Guns

Shooting parties & many individuals are increasingly turning to the dedicated vehicle shotgun courier services provided by DEFENDA Couriers to smooth out their shooting trips to Scotland.

By allowing us to transport the guns to Scotland & back, members of the party are able to organise flying to a convenient Scottish airport without the paperwork & potential stress associated with carrying their shotguns on aircraft.

The Best Alternative to Taking Your Shotgun on an Aeroplane to Scotland…

If we are transporting your guns to a shoot, we can of course also carry your luggage for even greater convenience — allowing you to travel with just hand luggage will help avoid wasted time waiting at the baggage carousel on arrival.

We transport hundreds of shotguns to Scotland for regular clients every year, who find it the best alternative to carrying them onto planes themselves. If you want some friendly advice from our shotgun logistics team… give us a call.

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