Communications & Telecoms Courier Service

Defenda Couriers is a significant provider of transport & courier services to the telecoms industry with scheduled delivery & emergency same day time-critical deliveries always available during the day or night. Our nightime or evening deliveries allow disruption to be minimised if the delivery is being made to public spaces or areas close to a highway & requiring traffic management and possibly road closures.

As the world becomes ever more dependent on quality & reliable telecoms infrastructure, it is hardly surprising that it has become an industry sector that constantly experiences change & renewal.

Express Delivery of IT & Telecoms Equipment

Defenda Couriers is uniquely positioned to support organisations involved in all aspects of IT & telecoms equipment delivery. And also those employed in the installation of key telecoms infrastructure.

With over 4000 vehicles available across the UK we can be counted on to provide very fast & efficient courier deliveries of crucial pieces  of IT & telecommunications network equipment for engineers & organisations in rural or urban locations.

However, our large fleet of ‘chapter 8’ compliant flat bed or drop side vehicles makes us the perfect partner for telecoms engineering companies installing cellular network gear.

Internet & Telecoms Infrastructure Deliveries – Day or Night

We have huge levels of experience in providing reliable & flexible telecoms transport services: having been involved in 3G, 4G & now 5G network building.

We have a large range of vehicles suitable for all types of delivery needs.

Delivery of 5G Masts and Power Stations Across the UK
Telecoms Equipment Delivered on Flat Bed Courier Vans

Reduce the Cost of Transport with our Light Commercial Vehicle Fleet

Here at Defenda Couriers we can help control transport costs with a large fleet of light commercial vehicles that allow telecoms & communications infrastucture loads to be craned off at the delivery point.

Unlike other transport companies running panel vans & Luton box vans we have flat bed or drop side vans across the U.K. ready to help transport your awkward loads at a much reduced cost compared to using heavy goods vehicles.

Our drivers as you’d expect all have the appropriate PPE such as steel toecap boots, high visibility vest or coats & of course hard hats. You can be sure when you use Defenda Couriers there will be no delays to deliveries due to an inexperienced courier not having the correct personal protection equipment with them.

Nobody wants the frustration of a driver being denied access to a site by a foreman due to the lack of a hard hat, so by using us for your time-critical same day or scheduled telecoms equipment delivery you will be in the hands of a very experienced courier company that will ensure deliveries are concluded efficiently.

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