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Our Motorcycle Courier Services Explained

Here at Defenda Couriers we offer nationwide motorbike courier delivery services which also includes delivering: envelopes, letters, documents and small parcels locally on scooters. Whilst there are some advantages of delivering items using motorbikes & scooters cost is not one of them. With insurance premiums extremely high — due to the extra risk of making deliveries on two wheels — it is often cheaper to deliver smaller items in a micro van. We have large numbers of micro vans such as Bippers & Nemos across the UK for economical courier delivery of small packages.

Weather at certain times of the year can be unpredictable and mean our motorcycle courier service is suspended at short notice on health & safety grounds. The weather may be fine at collection point but as responsible employers we need to take account of weather conditions on route & at the delivery point to ensure the safety of our riders. This can sometimes surprise the sender who is looking out on cloudless blue skies and can’t understand why we are unable to carry their item via motorbike. We are sorry when this disappoints a client but we have a duty of care that overrides making an unsafe motorcycle delivery for a client.

Avoid Traffic Delays with a Motorcycle Courier Delivery

The main advantage of two wheel deliveries is that motorcycles can deal with traffic congestion more easily than vans & lorries: which means there is still a place for motorbikes or scooters in the fleet of a modern courier company. However, with experienced drivers & the latest traffic avoidance devices & software — small van delivery may be the way to go for the majority of shippers.

Motorcycle Courier

European Motorcycle Courier Services

We can arrange time-critical deliveries across much of Europe through our motorbike courier network. These deliveries can be GPS tracked or a member of our team can keep you updated as to the progress of any of your urgent deliveries.

Final mile delivery of important documents & small parcels can even be carried out by motorbike for many worldwide destinations such as the USA, Canada, Australia & parts of Asia when required.

We Also Provide Other Courier Services

Express Same Day Parcel Delivery Service

Express Parcel Delivery Service

Local and national express parcel delivery service available at excellent prices.

Secure Motorbike Transportation

Secure Motorcycle Transportation

Specialists in ensuring safe transport of motorcycles around the UK.

Important Document Delivery

Important Document Delivery Service

Urgent & important documents delivered same day

Chapter 8 Compliant Delivery Vehicle

Chapter 8 Compliant Courier

Chapter 8 compliant vehicles and drivers available when needed.

Delivery of Urgent Medical Supplies

Urgent Medical Supplies Delivery Service

Fast and reliable delivery of urgent medical equipment and supplies throughout the UK. Whatever the weather.