Which is the Best Way to Send Your Coventry Pallets?

The Pros & Cons of Having Your Pallets Delivered Through a Pallet Network

Pallet delivery through a pallet network is a great option for many Coventry businesses as it allows relatively low cost pallet distribution of single pallets to all areas of the UK & Europe.

However, when it comes to delivering multiple pallets it can often be cheaper & more secure to have them delivered in a dedicated vehicle which reduces handling & the chance of a load being damaged in transit. It also means you can decide to have your pallets delivered on a same day service at no extra cost.

We are firm supporters of the pallet network system but it’s fair to say that networks vary considerably in their performance. They also have their own strengths and weaknesses, which is why we decided to work with only the three best performing UK pallet networks. Why three? Well even the pallet networks we work with vary in how they perform in various parts of the country & the prices they charge for delivery in different areas. Having the ability to select the right network for particular deliveries is a real bonus for our clients — who can be certain that any network delivery we are handling is in the very safest hands.

Although damages in the network are thankfully very rare, sometimes a pallet can be misrouted and when a pallet is loaded to the wrong vehicle it can cause inconvenient delays in delivery. This is much less of a problem in the networks we use but on occasions it still happens. With the number of pallets being handled in busy pallet hubs it’s only surprising it doesn’t happen more often.

With dedicated vehicle pallet deliveries, we are in constant communication with our driver and the GPS tracking on the vehicle means we can keep our clients completely up to date on the delivery progress. It also eliminates the chance of a pallet being misrouted or damaged due to multiple handling by busy fork truck drivers.

If you have a pallet or pallets to send from or to Coventry or anywhere else for that matter, why not get in touch to discuss if a dedicated vehicle or a pallet network delivery is best for your particular shipment.

Pallet Network Delivery