Packaging Guidelines

Packaging Guidance & Advice – Some helpful hints and tips

Although the type of item being sent, will ultimately determine the amount and type of packaging required to ensure it arrives at its destination safely, the below guide is designed to help you make the right choices.

Are your contents packaged correctly?

It’s really important that you package your items well, to keep them safe on their journey.

Wrapping your items

All items should ideally be placed within an inner box and wrapped in bubble wrap. Multiple items within a parcel should not touch to prevent movement in transit. Contents should be placed in a rigid cardboard box and sealed to prevent opening during transit.

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Fragile items

Fragile items need extra protection such as bubble wrap, foam sheeting, polystyrene surrounds and ends, moulded and shaped foam, cardboard, polystyrene peanuts or chips, ensuring reduced movement of packaged items.

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Strong outer packaging – is it strong enough?

A corrugated fibreboard box with a quality outer wrapping is best. Make sure the outer packaging is strong enough for the weight of the parcel. Compensation claims for damage of contents will be invalid if the parcel is inadequately packed or if the packaging is not retained for verification.

Sealing the parcel

Open edges of the parcel should be sealed, top and bottom, with plastic or reinforced carton tape, rather than ordinary household tape.

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Parcels must not be strapped together or bound to another parcel when being shipped through one of our hub based services (if you choose to do so, it is at your own risk). Strapping and taping packages together for the DEFENDA Same Day Courier service or other designated vehicle services is of course acceptable.

Any strapping around boxes is not suitable as this can get caught and cause damage to the parcel. Either place all items in one box or send them in separate parcels. Compensation is not available for loss or damage, or refund for delay for parcels that have been strapped together or bound to another parcel.

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Labelling of goods

Poor quality labels stuck to items often become detached. Make sure you attach good quality labels or document enclosed wallets to avoid problems with your customers receiving paperwork or identifying the sender/supplier of goods.

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Clear, accurate addressing

Make sure the recipient’s address and postcode is clearly written on the parcel. In addition, write your own address, postcode and phone number on the outside and inside of the parcel, in case there are any queries during transit.

The phone number of the recipient is also helpful and for International services the telephone numbers of the sender and the recipient must be written on the customs pack.

Correctly completed documentation

Check all documentation is accurately completed to avoid any delay in transit. Make sure the service barcoded labels (if you are attaching your own) are securely attached to the parcel and are clearly visible.

Customers sending to non-EU destinations will need to declare the parcel contents on the customs pack. For Globalexpress this is a requirement for all destinations.

Shake Test

A simple but very effective test is; once you have packed your item and are ready to ship it – give the box a gentle shake. If it rattles or you detect movement then the contents are susceptible to breakage and you may wish to consider re-packing to reduce internal movement.

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Smaller companies may find some helpful hints and tips on YouTube can help save them money.


As Coventry Based Parcel Carriers Delivering To UK, European & Worldwide Destinations We Are Able Not Only To Advise On The Actual Shipping But Also On Product Protection Which Will Of Course Vary Depending On Whether Your Package Is Being Sent On A Dedicated Vehicle Or Through A Network Where Your Item Will Be Required To Join A Conveyor System.

Our fragile Item courier service is performed using our own dedicated vehicles.